Newspapers Case Study

Client Challenge

This family-owned newspaper company needed different offers, payment terms and gating rules for 50 of their local papers. Their current paywall could not accommodate flexible models. Getting the transactional data in their accounting system was manual and prone to error. Creating registration forms and landing pages for each title was time consuming.

Solutions & Tactics Applied

Smart Paywalls was implemented allowing the subscription team to create flexible gating rules for each title. They created tombstone landing pages with various offers which automatically connects to their payment processor of choice. ONEcount fulfills the transaction and feeds all transactional date to their Intrix accounting system.

No-Code Widget: The web team built different rules without any hard-coding in their content management system (CMS). They experimented with freemium metering models based on geographic areas of the country.

Analytics: & Reporting: All transactions are reported in our Transaction Analytics Dashboards, making it easy for the finance and subscription department to see all purchase data in various charts and graphs.

End Result

Client saw a huge cost and time savings implementing ONEcount’s Smart Paywalls. Subscriptions have increased by 30% giving readers one click access to receive access to both digital, weekday and weekend print editions.