Consumer Publisher Case Studies

Client Challenge

This consumer publisher was limited with a digital paywall product that they inherited when acquired. Single sign on was a multi-step process and there was no direct tie in with their fulfillment vendor which housed their print subscribers.

Their business model was offering a traditional subscription which included access to their Digital Edition. Freemium metering was not an option. They inherited paywall solution lacked device consolidation which meant readers continually consumed articles in different devices and never met content limits before hitting the paywall.

Solution & Tactics Applied

Smart Paywalls: ONEcount established a real-time integration with their fulfillment partner which gave them real-time, transactional capabilities. They quickly implemented our content metering / gating engine and thru our advanced analytics reporting changed 5 free monthly articles to 3 without any hard coding within their CMS. They built out timely offers and specials in minutes which brought in new subscribers.

Authentication/Cross-Device Consolidation: We closed all identity loopholes which pushed users to the paywall faster.

End Result

By creating a frictionless user experience, this increased content consumption, page views, banner impressions dramatically. Our client Increased paid subscriptions by $400,000 in one year.


#1. Create a master keyword taxonomy: ONEcount ingests all meta tags and article keywords. Create segments that include content topic consumption and trigger a personalized pop-up for a paid, free or trial subscription.

#2. Eliminate distractions: Create a segment that excludes a triggered pop-up so a user does not get drawn away from completing a form or transaction. Deploy targeted pop-ups to those who abandoned a form or cart asking them to finish their purchase. Pre-populated forms increase completion rates.

#3. Reduce Costs: Marketers who use personalization can reduce their acquisition costs by as much as 50% according to Harvard Business Review.

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