Smart Paywalls & Gating

ONEcount releases Smart Paywalls, a robust capability for media companies and publishers looking to increase reader revenue. Ideal for supplementing traditional print, digital and qualified subscriptions with content metering, dynamic paywalls and gating/access management.

Easily build flexible freemium, trial and paid access in minutes without hard-coding rules within any Content Management System (CMS)—all from a single tool. Audience marketing and circulation professionals can instantly build packages, payment terms, control frequency and duration of content consumption down to the page or article. The modal/pop-up, landing and form builder build enables automated, triggered actions to capture and acquire new audiences.

“Smart Paywalls is a better system for less money. We bring intelligence to every transaction increasing new subscriptions, renewals, and reader engagement,” said Joanne Persico, president/co-founder of ONEcount.

Readers expect a seamless user experience, Smart Paywalls reduces friction by pre-populating forms, offers progressive look-ups and auto logins eliminating multi-step sign-ups, waiting periods for instant access, and clunky user journey.

Our extensive built-in tool suite includes a form, landing page and pop-up/modal builder for instant campaign creation and data collection. It combines subscription and behavioral data for more targeted offers.

Smart Paywall integrates with leading payment processors and can exchange subscription data from any third-party systems that may house online and offline data.

About ONEcount
ONEcount is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with an integrated Marketing Tech Stack (MTS). The platform includes DExTr, a dynamic mapping engine for marrying and unifying disparate data silos, identity resolution, access management, Smart Paywalls, DMP capabilities for identity-and behavior-based targeting, ONEmail + Ads, a solution to provide accountability and targeting for newsletter-driven banners, cross-channel analytics, data visualizations, lead generation and full campaign-level reporting and dashboards.

To learn more about ONEcount’s Smart Paywalls and its powerful marketing tech stack, contact company president. Joanne Persico at 203.665.6211 x5204 or e-mail To schedule a guided tour, click here.