DExTr ELT for All

A core component of customer data platforms (CDPs) is the ability to stitch data from different sources into a single view of the customer.

DExTr, which stands for data exchange and transformation, is ONEcount’s new data mapping tool that will exchange data with any data platform in a simple, universally-accepted format.

“The flexibility of DExTr allows it to work with virtually any database, greatly increasing the speed to market and interoperability capabilities ONEcount provides,” said Sean Fulton, ONEcount’s Vice President of Technology. “It’s like ETL for all!”

No programming or IT background is needed to establish and schedule bi-directional data feeds between any source. There is also no coding or API development required. A user-friendly GUI interface organizes data syncs allowing users to prepare the organization of data exports.

These advances put the power of the ONEcount CDP in the hands of non-technical, non-IT users, allowing the power of the platform to truly penetrate the enterprise.

With DExTr, users can easily import data from CRM, third-party vendors, continuing education portals, surveys, e-mail, advertising, customer service and more.

DExTr is already live and being used by customers as part of the ONEcount platform. For more information, visit: DExTr, or get a guided tour of DExTr by filling out a request form.