7Knots Digital Partners with ONEcount

This week ONEcount announced a new partnership that will enable 7 Knots Digital’s extensive roster of B2B clients to consolidate disparate audience data, derive 360-degree insights and reach intelligent audience segments with the right message at the right time using ONEcount’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) and integrated Marketing Tech Stack (MTS).

Since 2019, 7 Knots Digital has provided an array of digital marketing tools and technology platforms to deliver best-in class services to B2B media publishing, event and membership & subscription companies.

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have become a necessity. Access to consolidated customer records help clients empower business outcomes. ONEcount provides a 360 cross-tactic view of all users and segments through a single, intuitive dashboard reporting activities and engagement across all integrations. The consolidated analytics allow for development of audiences and campaign optimization. Clients discover new insights by easily configuring and querying dashboards within ONEcount.

“For the past few years, we have been expanding our digital marketing tools and technology platforms to deliver best-in-class services to our clients,” said James Karklins, president & founder of 7 Knots Digital. “With our superior data enrichment and dashboarding capabilities, the addition of ONEcount’s intuitive customer data platform to our toolset adds new capabilities that make it easy for our clients to monetize audiences through campaign targeting, subscriber acquisition, and retention at an affordable cost.”

Audience Identity & Segmentation
ONEcount provides publishers the ability to segment audiences based on behavior and identity. By coupling the ONEcount Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities with 7 Knots Digital expertise of growing audiences and boosting engagement, clients will uncover trends, spark innovation, and gain a competitive advantage.

Recent changes to Facebook and Google’s advertising platforms have created an opportunity for publishers to strategically drive revenue by using their own first-party customer data.

“ONEcount puts the power back into the hands of publishers who can now leverage the true power of their audience data and connect buyers and sellers in a way no other medium can,” said Joanne Persico, President at ONEcount.

About 7 Knots Digital Inc.
Launched in 2019, 7 Knots Digital is a strategic digital marketing agency representing leading media publishers, membership organizations, event organizers, and nonprofits, helping them find and connect with their target audience. 7 Knots Digital is based in New York, NY. To learn more about 7 Knots Digital specialized services, contact James Karklins, President & Founder at james@7knotsdigital.com or call 347.349.0919.

About ONEcount
ONEcount is a customer data platform (CDP) with an integrated marketing tech stack. The platform marries disparate data silos providing a 360-degree customer view, identity resolution, analytics, data visualizations, gating/regwalls, DMP capabilities for identity-and behavior-based targeting, ONEmail + ADS, lead generation to full campaign-level reporting and dashboards. drive cross-sell and upsell initiatives, increase conversions and decrease waste to grow incremental sales and revenue. To learn more about ONEcount’s powerful marketing tech stack, contact Joanne Persico, President at joanne@one-count.com or call 203.665.6211 x5204.