Cross-Channel ID Graph

ONEcount builds a profile of your web site visitors using data from all of your different databases. We combine data from your CRM, e-mail system, corporate data lake, registration system, member management system, point-of-sale system and circulation system. ONEcount consolidates data for each user into a single profile or ID Graph in ONEcount.

You can see everything about your customers in a single view with our identity resolution tools. You can see the types of products and offers they look at, and the types of things they buy. As a result, you can better target your offers to meet the needs of every web site visitor. This in turn results in higher conversions and more sales.

Rich Behavioral History

ONEcount shows you a customer’s entire history. Our industry-leading technology combines web site activities–what products and services the user is looking at–with other data points like e-mail opens and clicks, purchase history, past subscription and registration activity, etc. We compile a rich history of every customer’s relationship with you.

Other systems limit your view to a narrow, 30-day “intent window” which is dictated by the life of a browser-based cookie. ONEcount provides a breakdown of every engagement going back three years.

And because ONEcount is an identity-based system, we can provide you with deep insight not just into your customer’s needs today, but their past interests and buying trends as well.

Unknown Web Visitors To Known User

Every business wants to know, “Who’s coming to my web site?”

With ONEcount’s unique identity resolution technology, we can identify web site visitors using your own, first-party data–even if the user isn’t currently logged in. We have developed technology that is persistent across multiple web visits, yet immune to the war being raged on third-party cookies.

This lets you know who is coming to your web site and what they’re interested in. Converting unknown web traffic into known, identified visitors and prospects has never been easier.

And don’t worry about privacy; ONEcount has deployed the latest GDPR and CCPA best-practices into our platform.