Event Case Study

Client Challenge:

This event producer had their first-party databases spread across their event registration system, webinar provider, email provider, and sponsor/exhibitor data in their CRM.

They could not easily identify potential attendees within 4 surrounding states of the venue. Plus, event sponsors wanted to target specific campaigns to a younger demographic on mobile devices.

Solution & Tactics Applied

ONEcount’s DExTr and native integrations consolidated all data silos in one repository— giving the events and marketing team a holistic customer view across attendees, sponsors and subscribers

List Wizard to slice and dice audiences by any engagement, demographic or behavioral intent to curate right audiences

GEO Analytics, Segmentation & Action Manager were used to deploy a series of targeted pop-ups for last minute on-site offers and sponsored giveaways to unknown users who visited the official show site.

Aggregated campaignmetrics reporting coupled with A/B testing of pop-ups, landing pages and forms helped measure results across web, banner, social and pop-up efforts.

End Result

The client had more than 6,800 views and 2,600 users engaged on the pop-up campaign in a two-day period. One single campaign converted over 115K visitors to an identified user match to the database.

Through various targeted efforts, they increased the clickthru to official show site by 30%, boosted ticket sales by 22%.