B2B Publisher Case Study

Client Challenge

This B2B publisher had an internal development team who spent 3 years and millions of dollars trying to build a data lake to house all its disparate data silos and third-party systems. This created access roadblocks for the marketing team. Making informed decisions was difficult since they had to log into separate systems to measure which channels were performing the best. The data lake had no activation tools so this left the marketing team having to turn to internal development resources and wait times.

Solution & Tactics Applied

Data Repository: ONEcount consolidated all data into a single data repository using DExT’s data exchange transformation engine and native integrations. No data administration with an IT/programmer background was needed to establish and schedule bi-directional data feeds between any source. This no-code approach allowed the client to push data back to the corporate data lake.

Precision Targeting & Segmentation Engine: The marketing team used data visualizations and reporting to curate and deploy various targets to both unknown and known audiences.

End Result

Client eliminated costly API calls and expensive maintenance of integrations—saving thousands of dollars in development costs. The marketing team, sales and business development team was able to identify cross-sell opportunities. They increased digital revenue from $7 million to $9 million in one year.