DTC Case Study

Client Challenge

This leading cannabis company was plagued by having separate systems, i.e. Salesforce CRM, Hubspot, 6 different Point of Sale systems, a Rewards vendor and SMS Vendor. All their data collection were in separate forms which created duplication of records. Marketing lacked a holistic single customer view.

Solutions & Tactics Applied

Data Repository: ONEcount connected the various data sources and separate systems into one consolidated place where marketing was able to easily access customer records, transactional, purchase history, rewards data, etc.

Form Builder: The marketing team created standardized medical intake forms so customers visiting the website, app or any of their dispensaries nationwide filtered back to the master database housed in ONEcount.

Targeting & Segmentation: Pop-ups with different offers were deployed based on location, purchase history, reward points—giving them complete control of each creative, segment criteria, and cross-channel execution.

End Result

The client increased product sales and customer acquisition within the first two months. They reduced duplication in customer records. By leveraging aggregated data, executing personalized offers and coupons increased revenue by 25%.