Media Media Case Study

Client Challenge

Most people think you have to gate content in order to find out who your web site visitors are. Not true, if you are using ONEcount. This leading medical publisher had 38 branded sites serving healthcare professionals. Physicians are notorious for not logging in or knowing their unique NPI numbers at time of log-in or registration. Friction was a big issue.

In order to win RFPs, requiring registration is mandated. Sponsored micro-sites/content hubs were ungated and yet they needed to prove a qualified audience were their visitors.

Solutions & Tactics Applied

Global Registration/Federated ID: ONEcount’s ID graph and persistent IDs authenticated HCPs so they were automatically logged in. Once a user is identified they remain identified across all of that brand’s properties, whether the content is actually gated or not. If the user deleted their cookies or got a new device,  ONEcount continued to track the person as an anonymous individual until it is able to identify them again. Once the user was re-identified all of that “anonymous” behavior is tied back to that user’s identity.

List Matching: The ability to upload an advertiser’s list to match against their own allowed them to match specialties across the entire network of sites. They used cross-tactic traffic drivers like e-mail, pop-up overlays and banners to drive traffic and add HCPs when matched to the medical specialty.

List Wizard: Client was able to slice-and-dice audiences to curate the exact audience segment by demographics, key KPI’s, content consumption and past behaviors. Then, they created targeted campaigns with relevant messages to their identified audience.

End Result

This medical publisher identified over 90% of its audience against the master database housed in ONEcount. List matching against NPIs became a huge revenue source. They relied on the platform’s identity progressive profiling which organically added HCPs to their matched list during the full term of the campaign.

The client launched sponsored, ungated topical hubs in which they reported an 85-percent identified audience securing multi-year renewals with their clients.

With all the unique deterministic targeting abilities, they increased CPMs from $125 to $475.