Higher CPMs List Match - Medical

One challenge every publisher faces is delivering an advertiser’s message to exactly the right audience. In many cases, the best solution is to get a list of the advertiser’s top prospects and target them specifically with a multi-channel campaign.

While advertisers are willing to provide the lists, too many publishers have problems executing.

  1. How do you import an advertiser’s data without corrupting your own, carefully curated audience demographics?
  2. How do you ensure that the advertiser’s data is deleted (if required) upon contract completion, without deleting any of your own hard-earned user data?
  3. How to execute a cross-channel campaign when user data is often scattered between systems?

ONEcount can easily manage these complexities.

“The List Match/Import feature is really nice. To my mind, it’s one of the best features of ONEcount.”

—Ad Operations Manager for a medical publisher

Here’s how it works:

  1. Import your advertiser’s list using our web-based tool, and assign users to either a target product or a segment. Assign a unique source code for this import so that you can identify those users later and delete them if required.
  2. ONEcount can match on any field, whether it be account #, NPI #, e-mail address, etc. The advertiser’s file is matched against your entire database, including users from all of your execution silos.
  3. After matching, ONEcount reports how many users in the file matched records in your database, and how many new records are in the file but not in your database.
  4. You then have several options, including
    a. Subscribe matched users to the target product or segment
    b. Add users who are in the file to your database
    c. Update your database with the data from the imported file (not recommended for advertiser lists, although there are exceptions)

You should not have a product or a segment with *all* of the advertiser’s users in your ONEcount database. While many of those users will have already been identified by the platform, those that are not currently identified can still be targeted.  

For example, if you send an e-mail campaign to the list and 1,000 people who were not previously identified click on a link in the campaign, you now have 1,000 more people on the list who are identified.

Using this unique approach, we’ve seen publishers start a six-month campaign with a 10,000-name advertiser list that initially matched only 4,000 identified users, but by the end of the campaign they had 8,000 identified users, increasing overall campaign revenue.

At the end of the campaign if you are required to purge the advertiser’s names from your database, simply run a List Wizard query of everyone with that advertiser’s unique source code and no other source code. This will select only those users who were imported for the advertiser’s list match, and not acquired from some other source.

Big Result

This technique has helped our customers go from a $55 or $70 CPM to $500+ CPMs for highly-specialized, integrated campaigns.

What generates $500 CPMs? More on that next week!

Pro Tips >>>

#1. Extreme Targeting: Do a deeper dive on your audience factoring in both demographics and behavior. Create a multi-tactic approach using segment criteria that reflects your unique data sets. Personalized targeting can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50% according to Harvard Business Review.

#2. No audience is too small: Think big! Carve out your premium audiences tied to a premium price.

#3. Bump up your numbers: We report the “who” across both paid and house banner campaigns. Add using user-level banner engagement to your lead gen reporting.

About ONEcount
ONEcount is a full-service integrated Audience Tech Stack. ONEcount includes a robust Customer Data Platform, data mapping engine for integrating data from disparate data silos, built-in list match tool, as well as identity resolution, access management suite, Smart Paywalls and capabilities for identity-and behavior-based targeting. ONEcount BI’s data visualizations, lead generation and full campaign-level reporting and dashboards is included in the core platform.

For more information on ONEcount, email: sales@one-count.com or schedule a test drive.