Medical Media Case Study

Client Challenge

This large medical publisher had an extensive in-house development team. They spent years trying to build an automated reporting suite that could feed Physician-level dat (PLD), aggregated data to its largest advertising agency Compas (CMI).

Their data resided in separate silos which created tedious manual work deduping files and aggregating the data to match the custom fields provided by the agency.  They did not have the ability to report PLD on banner campaigns served thru DFP/GAM or target HCPs at the individual level.

Solution & Tactics Applied

Data Consolidation: ONEcount unified their data in one repository so all e-mail, web, banner engagement was recorded at the PII/user level.

DExTr’s ETL Engine was used to map data from their in-house data warehouse.

Reporting & Dashboard Reporting: In less than two months, ONEcount’s reporting and dashboard toolsuite was delivering aggregated, weekly PLD data feeds to their agency/advertiser.

End Result

The agency was able to retain the $10 million account and fulfill all their weekly reporting requirements. With the new added ability to report PII across both house and paid banner campaigns won them more RFPs. The in-house IT team was able to focus on other web development projects and site launches.