Client Challenge

Like most B2B associations, this organization’s biggest challenge was member retention, renewals and attendance to their events.  Their Association Management System (AMS) stored the membership status,  but could not match those individuals on-site without without the user being logged into the AMS.

On the event side, targeting early-bird offers and discounts to past attendees was almost impossible because the registration information was tied in the registration vendor’s database.

Solutions & Tactics Applied

Data Syncing: ONEcount consolidated all their member profiles, e-mail engagement  and web data into the consolidated, ONEcount data repository. When a member visited the site, our AI-driven targeting tools were able to determine if that  member was expiring, and the marketing team was able to create and deploy on-site pop-ups that were pre-populated with the member’s information.

Segmentation & Action Manager: Since the platform is progressively profiling the status of every web site visitor, the association was able to target users with incomplete profiles with a filled-out form requesting the missing information. Campaigns were also targeted at users based on event registration and membership expiration status using ONEcount’s built-in activation tool suite.

Form Analytics & Reporting: ONEcount’s detailed Form Analytics reports the unique completions and abandons. The team was able to retarget members who had abandoned their form with another tactic, such as e-mail or another pop-up.

AI/Machine Learning: ONEcount’s AI algorithms informs new segment clusters based on site visits, content consumption and demographics.

End Result

The association saw a 58% conversion rate on the “Incomplete Profile” segment giving them richer member profile data which was used for on-site personalization and reporting.

Event attendance saw a jump as well.


#1. Create behavior-based segments: Anyone who visits your membership/subscription pages 2-3 times, trigger a targeted, personalized pop-up inviting them to join your community, opt-in to a free trial or newsletter.

#2. Create identity-based segments: Anyone who has a membership or subscription status that is about to expire, trigger a pop-up that is already populated with their information to eliminate renewal friction.

#3. Personalize: Data-driven personalization generates a marketing-budget savings of 30 percent according to new data from McKinsey.

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