ONEcount BI Data Visualizations & dashboards

Business intelligence for every member of your team

With the new tools, ONEcount customers can:

• Fully visualize all customer engagement through a single dashboard
• Set up custom dashboards for internal stakeholders or customers
• Develop custom visualizations by accessing the underlying data schema in ONEcount
• Deploy automated reporting for charts and dashboards either internally or to external advertisers and stakeholders
• Deploy custom, advertiser-specific click-through reports for e-mail deployments with no customization required on the email platform
• Manually adjust or change reports and charts and deploy them manually if desired

ONEcount BI Visualizations

ONEcount BI: Users of all skill sets can explore and visualize their data, from simple line charts to highly detailed radial, bar charts—all in a matter of minutes.

Direct Access to Your Important Data

ONEcount BI connects directly to your ONEcount data, so you don’t need expensive API development or costly third-party tools to see what’s going on.

See what is going on across all your audience touch-points in an instant. We aggregate your subscription, registration, e-mail and advertising data into a single, unified data set, and integrated industry-leading visualization tools into the platform.

We even provide full documentation and database schema of your analytics and reporting data so you can build custom reports and modify dashboards.

Get everything you need in one place, putting your team fully in control.

Everything in One Place

ONEcount BI, gives customers direct access to all of the data ONEcount collects from your various different platforms and data silos.

We collect data from your fulfillment partners, e-mail providers, trade show and event registration systems, even Google Ad Manager into a massive data lake that is constantly updated. Then we summarize the data and push into our analytics framework you can access if via ONEcount BI.

Customers can analyze data from web, banner, newsletter, fulfillment, POS and other systems using 65 pre-built visualizations, or build their own visualizations with direct access to underlying data.

Now you and your team can make informed decisions with data from all your platforms in one in ONE place!

Curate Your Own Reports & Feeds

ONEcount BI provides instant visibility into your data, eliminating costly integrations with third-party tools and outside databases. No matter how your reporting needs change, you’re in control.

With ONEcount BI, your internal team can develop your own custom dashboards and advertiser reports that are all automatically updated by the ONEcount Customer Data Platform.

Eliminate third-party cools, costly integration and expensive custom visualization development. Your team can build your own charts and dashboards. You can even set up automated reporting and scheduled reports to be sent to your advertisers and stake-holders.