Smart Paywalls & Gating

Gating and paywall solutions increase data collection, registrations and protect premium content. Move users through conversion funnels faster by requiring users to create an account, subscribe to a newsletter, control or pay to access valuable content.

Eliminate complex integrations between your website registration and your outsourced fulfillment vendor by deploying ONEcount’s Smart Paywalls that push transactions into your fulfillment vendor.

Audience Identification

ONEcount uses identity-sync technology to deterministically identify users across all of your systems, device and channels so that in many cases, a login or registration isn’t even required.

Because we use a persistent, cross-platform ID, you can block attempts to bypass content paywalls by changing browsers and devices. Increase audience revenue, memberships and leads by securing access to your valuable content. One customer increased subscription revenue by 400% just by closing loopholes in their prior gating system.

Optimize Gating Strategies & Acquisition

Control how much content and how frequently unknown users or non-paid subscribers can access content like webpages, whitepapers and other resources. Within our gating tools, you can set limits to how much content can be consumed per user on any given frequency. Deploy automated pop-ups to inactive users, which helps acquire new audiences.

Easily analyze web and subscription analytics so that you can compare metrics and convert unknown visitors to known users.

Eliminate Friction

Pre-populated forms and persistent logins reduce form abandonment because they eliminate the complexity of registration. which increases subscriptions and registrations.

Single Sign-on (SSO) and Social Log-In tools let users securely authenticate with multiple websites by using just one set of credentials.

Get users to the content they want more quickly, while still controlling who has access to what. You’ll gain valuable insight into who is consuming what content on your sites.


Manage business rules, subscribers, and access privileges for multiple platforms from a single, intuitive interface.
• FLEXIBLE RULE SETTING: No hard-coding business rules in the CMS. Setup paywalls and gating in minutes

• FREEMIUM & PAID ACCESS: Define business rules to the page, section or single article level

• CONTROL frequency and duration of premium content consumed—across all devices

• REDUCE friction by pre-populating forms, progressive look ups, auto logins for seamless user experience

• INTEGRATE with leading payment processors
Simple user interface