Segmentation & Targeting Engine

Identify quality prospects and convert customers


Identify Your Site Visitors

Many publishers believe that their sites suffer from too much anonymous and unidentified traffic. Often, this “anonymous” traffic is really traffic from users who are part of a publisher’s core audience, but current tools like Google Analytics and other CDPs aren’t able to identify these users.

Using our unique identity-sync and persistent identifiers, ONEcount can identify users who access your site based on prior activity with your brands, even if that activity was months ago!.

Personalize Marketing

ONEcount continuously identifies and tracks website visitors using your own deterministic, first-party data. This makes it an unbeatable lead generation tool for your advertisers and sponsors.

ONEcount can also append data from third-party providers to create a rich, first-party identity graph that you can use for sales and outbound marketing tactics.

From there, you can create complex audience segments that you can target across multiple channels. You can also activate those qualified segments with targeted offers via pop-ups, e-mails and banner campaigns.

Put an end to the “pay and spray” method of lead generation. Target specific users with specific offers and banners to meet your advertiser’s goals.

Measure Success

ONEcount’s powerful, integrated Business Intelligence (BI) tools give you all the tools needed to analyze and report leads obtained on your sites.

Once you have identified and profiled your audience, ONEcount BI enables your employees, partners, advertisers and other stake-holders to log in and securely access lead data.

Our advertiser-facing, password-protected dashboards are unique in the industry because they allow you to segment your leads into different buckets for each user.

Key Benefits:

Eliminate Form Abandonment

ONEcount continuously identifies website visitors against opt-in audience segments. Activate qualified segments and individuals you are trying to reach with targeted offers via pop-ups, e-mails and banner campaigns.

If a user has been identified and their profile is in ONEcount, a click on the lead generation asset—whether it is a webpage, whitepaper, podcast, or webinar—the immediately get access to the requested asset. No form required. ONEcount’s pre-population technology has eliminated form abandonment and lead data is automatically recorded and delivered.

The Advantage

Because ONEcount targets the visitors your advertisers want to reach, you’ll experience less form abandonment and a higher yield for every lead generation campaign. ONEcount eliminates the friction often associated with lead gen campaigns, resulting in an average of 32% lift in leads.

The built-in, easy-to-use, Drag and Drop Form Builder allows anyone in the organization to create beautiful forms and landing pages, all within the platform. No need for web developers or software engineers to build a form, no costly APIs or uploading/downloading data from a separate forms tool. Click here to watch a video to learn more about the Form Builder.


ONEcount is a proven solution to increase lead generation by typically 30-40% by using pre-populated forms and other identity resolution tactics.

Consolidated customer data reduced user friction when required to register for an event or submit profile information. This significantly reduced the rate of form abandonment and build brand loyalty.