ONEcount’s Audience Tech Stack is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that is purpose-built for today’s media companies. The platform includes tools and turn-key integrations that eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming API development that locks you into specific vendors.

With ONEcount you can track unique visitor interactions across all channels, and convert anonymous visitors to identified users. We can append up to 10 years of behavioral data to identified users, giving you unrivaled insight into the needs and activities of your audience.  

No other system can do that.

Connect all marketing data to create behavior-rich user segments. Sync custom segments, improve campaign precision and sales activation.

Our Mission

Our goal is to put an end to costly integrations and complex platforms that never quite deliver on what they promised. Our “no-code tool suite puts power in the hands of the people who need it.

ONEcount’s Value Proposition:

Main Customers

  • Publishers: B2B, Controlled, Consumer
  • Newspapers: Weeklies/Dailies
  • Associations: Membership-driven
  • Journals: Society publishers
  • Event-based companies

Typical Customer Challenges

  • Lack consolidated 360-degree customer view
  • Data is siloed in different systems
  • No unified repository or global view of audience activity
  • Fragmented customer experience
  • Inability to identify web visitors
  • Manual efforts to launch multi-channel, targeted campaigns
  • Data intel and reporting sits in separate systems
  • No customer-facing dashboards/feeds

87% of software iniatives fail because the vendor doesn’t understand the client’s business. We’ve been working exclusively with media companies since 1996. Our team has the experience to understand your business, and our tools were designed specifically to solve your problems.

Competitive Advantage

  • Our team has been serving the publishing industry for 27 years; we cut our teeth building profitable web sites for B2B and consumer magazine publishers
  • Complete tech stack: Low code, no code approach
  • Integration with 8 leading e-newsletter platforms and fulfillment vendors
  • No IT involvement or costly API integrations that tie you to a specific vendor
  • Intuitive GUI interface and streamlined processes throughout entire platform

Unique Customer Benefits

  • Convert unknown visitors to identified users with a 10-year history append
  • Seasoned publishing veterans help clients achieve 2-3x revenue growth
  • Reports the “identity” across web, content, banners, social, events, etc. in ONE place
  • Unified ecosystem eliminates overlap, saves time and money

Company History & Milestones

Company History & Milestones